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 Michael Myers Bio

SEX: Male RACE: Caucasian DATE OF BIRTH: October 19, 1957 LOCATION OF BIRTH: Haddonfield, IL HEIGHT: 6'2" (est.) WEIGHT: 240 lbs. (est.) EYES: Black HAIR: Dark Brown SPECIFIC APPEARANCE: • Black or blue mechanic's coveralls, pale white, emotionless mask w/brown hair. IDENTIFICATION MARKS: • Numerous gunshot wounds, stabbings, puncture wounds to throat and eyes. • Heavily burnt skin all over body. • Mark of the thorn on his right inside wrist. OCCUPATION: Killing the members of his family & occupants of his childhood home. MOTIVE: The power of Thorn. WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Butcher/kitchen knife. PEOPLE WHO'VE DEFEATED HIM & SURVIVED: • Dr. Sam Loomis (HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN II, HALLOWEEN 4, HALLOWEEN 5) • Tommy Doyle (HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS) • Laurie Strode/Keri Tate (HALLOWEEN: H20 - TWENTY YEARS LATER) • Sara Moyer, Freddie Harris (HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION) BIGGEST RIVALS: • Dr. Sam Loomis • Tommy Doyle WHERE IS HE NOW: Unknown, but alive. NUMBER OF FILMS: 8. ACTORS WHO HAVE PORTRAYED MICHAEL MYERS: • Nick Castle (HALLOWEEN) • Dick Warlock (HALLOWEEN II) • George P. Wilbur (HALLOWEEN 4, HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS) • Don Shanks (HALLOWEEN 5) • Chris Durand (HALLOWEEN: H20 - TWENTY YEARS LATER) • Brad Loree (HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION)

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